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Micro = Residential and business support (usually less than 10 kWe/hour)

CHP = Combined (or Cogenerated) Heat and (Electrical) Power


We're all looking for reliable, inexpensive and clean energy
as we transition toward a total solar energy future.

With respect for nature, m-CHP uses less fuel to produce the same human-usable energy for less cost and with considerably less (to zero) pollution. m-CHP provides electricity, space heating and hot water for your home or business. It can be hybridized from proven technologies so nonproprietary, off-the-shelf components need only be engineered and combined.

“In the context of growing concern over scarcity of energy resources, over increasing pressure to mitigate environmental impact, and in order to comply with the need for more secure comfort for home-owners, integrated micro-CHP system solutions represent an opportunity to answer all these requirements at once”.



Electricity to your home and gas to your heating system
are each only about 30% efficient. 

m‑CHP, however, is about 80% (or more) efficient with natural gas fueling the heating, hot water and electricity output.  This higher efficiency is caused by the excess heat used in generating electricity being reused to heat water.

In addition to electricity, when you have ample hot water you can clean yourself, and other stuff, and heat or refrigerate your living space.

“Overall, today’s electric infrastructure, with its wires and pipelines, is very inefficient. Only about 30% of the original fuel provided is actually available for consumption by the end user—the rest is exhausted in the form of heat into the environment”.


“... m-CHP appliances can utilize over 80% of the fuel to provide electric and thermal energy to the household”.



“Thermal power plants generally have efficiencies in the 30% to 50% range, while CHP systems can operate in the 60% to 90% range by both producing electricity and capturing the residual heat to produce steam, hot water and/or chilled water”.



“An engine operating at a 30% thermal efficiency is releasing the remaining 70% of the fuel energy as waste heat through the coolant, exhaust gases, and engine compartment warm-up.”

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